Stoned Gypsy Wanderer

by A.J. Kaufmann




„Wake up now o children of the voices never seen”
Amaranth House 2014.

Artwork by Justin Jackley.

"Several of the album’s 14 songs have a vocals and acoustic guitar driven acid-minstrel quality that reminds me of the Bevis Frond, though like Nik Saloman, A.J. has his own sound. Representative tunes include Amaranth Blues and the title track, plus the majestic C.O.K.E., with its screaming guitar, and I love the trippy, mind-bending effects that augment This is Not New York and Slavia Nova. There’s lot of variety too. I love the jangly yet endearingly dissonant Folk-Psych of Berger. Crown Of Things is a darkly Gothic, droning Acid-Pop song with lysergic guitar lines that weave a snake-like trail amongst the catchy melody. Wine Of Rape is a hauntingly seductive slab of Psychedelic Prog-Pop, with organ, piano and orchestration. There are also songs with a high energy rocking feel, and even some that are whimsically fun. Still Within gushes with spirited Psych infused Folk Rock and ripping electric guitar fills. A.J. goes totally trippy on the equally energetic Whispering Egypt, with its wildly wah’d freak guitar, haunting organ and spaced out mesmerizing vibe. I like the lively, Celtic tinged Veil Of Isis and the bouncy In a Blue and Violet Morning. Iceberg has a stoned, trippy, carnival-like rhythmic pulse, horn section, and jabbing keyboard notes. And Operation is the most different track of the set, having a quirky New Wav-ish rocking feel that reminded me of an early 80s Bill Nelson song. Stoned Gypsy Wanderer is a captivating set of songs which mine the Psychedelic, Folk and Prog realms and are then stamped with A.J.’s own personal touch." (Aural Innovations)

"Quattordici deliziosi brani dalla Polonia. DIY tosto e casalingo, urgente ma non respingente. In solitudine multicolore, ricca di suggestioni bizzarre. Fra chitarre elettriche e acustiche, bassi, synth, giocattoli, programmazione e voce. Pensar a un solitario urgente in mood Factory, pensar a Dylan, pensar a Barrett. Agitare in shaker “Screamadelica”
L'insieme suona come un solare e non troppo abbrutito Julian Cope in botta domestica domenicale (qualche vecchio 45 giri garage sixties a gracchiar in sottofondo). Molto fresco e piacevole." (Kathodik)

"Here's a completely different from the usual fun and jamz Kendra Steiner Editions release, an addition to the catalog that is in fact perhaps the most difficult of the entire run of KSE spinners to categorize. I mean, just what (let alone who) is this A. J. Kaufmann guy supposed to be anyhoo. He might just be a singer-songwriter in the classic Jon Landau sense, but not exactly the timid young minstrel of the Laurel Canyon set though I do detect a tad bitta Donovan. A bigger bit of Syd Barrett might also be discerned, not to mention some Tim Buckley or Mij or even some Brian Sands as if any of you will buy a copy of his REHEATED CHOCOLATE TANGOES or FIXATION recordings no matter how much I plug 'em here and elsewhere. The lyrics are mystical beyond belief, the performance ranks with the best late-sixties productions one could have found on Warners, and Kaufmann himself is a world class talent who recalls a whole buncha past while presenting it in the here and now. And the best thing about it is it hardly if ever gets twee!" (Blog to Comm)


released August 25, 2014

A.J. Kaufmann - guitars, bass guitar, synths, programming, toys, voice, songwriter.
Little Santa Claus – synthesizers, recording and production on tracks 9 and 11.
Justin Jackley – artwork.



all rights reserved


A.J. Kaufmann Poznań, Poland

Ello, cello, rock'n'roll jello!

Artist photo by Barbara Janicka.

Booking: lutabookings[at]gmail[dot]com

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